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 Clan Rules (Read First Before Applying)

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Clan Rules (Read First Before Applying) Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules (Read First Before Applying)   Clan Rules (Read First Before Applying) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 9:12 pm

`iQ.| Clan Rules. Please note these rules apply to both Members and Applicants.

In order of severity (low to high):

1. No sucking up to admins. It will get you no where, especially when applying for our clan.

2. Treat fellow gamers with respect. This includes members AND non-members! Don’t be a down right dick or brag about your score.

3. No arguing with a `iQ.| Admin or Manager. Their word is final. If you feel you have been hard done, or you simply don’t agree, you are more than welcome to post on our forums, providing you have a valid reason. We will take appropriate action based on the situation.

4. No arguing or starting fights in game or on the forums. We play for skill and fun, and are not be known as a rude clan. Friendly bickering is alright but we have a very low tolerance for abuse, bullying, arguing, baiting or just down right being a nuisance.

5. Keep the BS/FFS/SIF/OMG spamming to a minimum. Nobody likes dying, we get it. This includes binds. Death binds are annoying, and other binds can irritate other gamers. A couple per map is fine; couple being the key word.

6. Swearing on the forums is fine (try to keep it to an appropriate minimum though), but not in game. Any profanity or foul language on our servers will not be accepted at all. You will be given warnings for this. We also do not accept any racism or profanity of any kind what so ever. Please keep this in mind.

7. Haccusations are a big no no. Openly accusing other players in game will result in warnings or kicks. Most often, accusations are false and accusing good players can often annoy or upset them and ruin the game for everyone. If you suspect anyone of hacking, under no circumstance accuse them in game. Take a demo and post it on (our) forums. This is very important in terms of “proof.” Otherwise keep quiet and don’t make a fuss.

8. Multi-clanning is an offence to the clan and if you are caught with another tag on or applying on forums then you will be removed and banned from the clan.

9. Hacking is the biggest offence to our clan and results in an immediate suspension of both your account on the forums and position in the clan. If you are caught hacking anywhere, and a sufficient demo is provided, you will be permanently removed from our clan and the demo will be sent to UAA. This includes Stamina hacks on jump maps.
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Clan Rules (Read First Before Applying)
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