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 Application Template (Questions to be Answered)

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Application Template (Questions to be Answered) Empty
PostSubject: Application Template (Questions to be Answered)   Application Template (Questions to be Answered) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 9:14 pm

Do not bother applying if the following applies to you:

-If you are unknown to us
-If you have disputes with any of our members (resolve them before considering applying)
-If you cannot manage at least a 2:1 Kill/Death Ratio on servers (harsh as it may be)
-If you cannot play nice with others
-If you have only been playing Urban Terror less than 3 months
-If you are not able to or are unwilling to be trailed by `iQ.| Admins
-If you plan on hacking the trial

Consider applying if the following are true:

-If you have been playing Urban Terror for at least 3 months.
-If you have been active on our forums and our servers for a minimum of 2 months
-If you enjoy playing with our members.
-If you are known to at least half a dozen or more members
-If you are friendly majority of the time.
-If you can play with skill and precision

*Note: Try not to make your first post on our forum an application. The better you know members, the easier it may be for you to join. Post regularly and get to know others.

Please copy and paste this template on your application and fill it out with detail:

Q1. Where are you from?

Q2. How old are you?

Q3. How long have you been playing Urban Terror for?

Q4. What other clans have you been affiliated with?

Q4. What are your other in game aliases/names?

Q5. Do you know any clan members? How well?

Q6. Where you invited or recommended into `iQ.|?

Q7. What is your gear set up (Weapons and Gear)?

Q8. What is your playing style?

Q9. Will you be an active member if recruited? Be able to make it to most Skirmishes and stay active on the forums?

Q10. Why do you want to join `iQ.|? Will you uphold the clan reputation and name if recruited? How so?
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Application Template (Questions to be Answered)
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